Melissa McShane & The Mary Poppins statue

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Where did Mary Poppins come from?

"Poppins" plan takes flight     Southern Highlands News 7 June 2005

Project Poppins finds support   Southern Highlands News 19 August 2005

A tribute to Mary Poppins  Southern Highlands News 17 July 2009      

A magical nanny goes home to Bowral  Sydney Morning Herald 22 August 2009      

Melissa and Paul McShane SMH 22 Aug 2009 Photo: James Brickwood
What a life to lead! . . . Melissa McShane and her father, Paul, browse through Mary Poppins material at the State Library.
Photo: James Brickwood
Melissa McShane
Melissa McShane on the Mary Poppins trail
Photo: Robyn Murray Southern Highlands News

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